New: Walker ‘Easy-Air’ inflatable awnings: Palace 360 and Palace 400

NOW available from £ 899!

Walker “Easy-Air” inflatable awnings: Palace 360 & Palace 400!

The ideal awnings for your summer holidays or short vacations!

The fresh anthracite colour scheme and the innovative design make it an attractive awning.
The middle section of the front is 300 cm deep!
The 3 front panels can be zipped out as well as both side panels.
Each side panel has a mesh ventilation window.
Both sides of the roof include a special vent that can be closed from the outside.

Roof and walls: 300D coated polyester

• draught skirt and wheel arch cover
• curtains
• 2 steel rear upright poles
• double air pump
• roof lining
Weight: Palace 360 approx. 26 kg; Palace 400 approx. 31 kg