Inflatable sun canopy ‘Sunflexx’ for T@B 320 and T@B 400 caravans

Inflatable Sun Canopy Sunflexx for T@B 320 and T@B 400!

The Walker Sunflexx is an inflatable sun canopy which makes it easy and quick to erect! The Sunflexx has a depth of 240 cm.
Both sides have a big panorama window and can be rolled up! The fresh anthracite colour sceme and innovative design make the Sunflexx very attractive! An air pump is included!

Sunflexx-320: for T@B 320 / weight 7,5 kg
Sunflexx-400: for T@B 400 / weight 8,5 kg

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Video: Erecting Walker Sunflexx