Awning for Eriba Living 555 XL

All Walker models of awnings are made suitable for the Eriba Living 555 XL caravan.

All Walker models of awnings are made suitable for this higher caravan Eriba Living 555 XL. Higher caravans have a larger size, but may need a smaller front wall. No extra costs.

– For the Eriba Living 555 XL (2020), size 18 (= front wall width) -1035 applies. For the right price keep size 1020 (based on the front wall width).

You can choose from the following models:

Concept 240/280
Pioneer 240 All Season
Fusion 240
Ellips 280
Allure 280
Atrium 300
Palladium 350
Weekender 240

Also the inflatable awnings Palace 360 and Palace 400 and our winter tent Snow & Fun Plus are available for this caravan!